We have a plan

To cook the perfect meal, you need to choose a recipe, source ingredients within your budget, cook up a storm and invite friends over to share and enjoy.

That takes forethought, just like communication.

The experience teaches you to adjust the flavours and adapt your menu to your guests' taste. In the same way, our expertise enables us to offer you the solutions to get your company name out there and help it grow. Which platform would be best for you? How can you get the most out of your budget? What is the best way to present your project? We have the answers.



Inspiring visuals, punchy content and striking video campaigns are what we do, and we love it.

Content is the bedrock of your communication. If it isn't convincing, your audience won't follow even if you use sponsored ads. Our designers and copywriters are storytellers par excellence, the way they translate emotions into images proves it. That is fortunate, as we believe you have a great story to tell!


Let's talk

Do you like people? So do we. Networking is in our DNA. A large part of what we do is interacting on social media. It's all very well gaining a new audience, but how to keep them?

We manage your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter communities or any other platform that takes your fancy. Let's talk!


Even more potential

Knowing your target audience will get you results beyond your expectations. We have an arsenal of marketing tools to reach a specific audience and add value to your digital communications.

They are very useful in spreading your message and reaching the people who are most likely to respond positively. We create an optimised action plan that works for your budget so you can reach your target audience every time.

& live

Before, during and after

The Mondays team loves being in the thick of the action, which is why we help make your event the place to be.

Printing flyers doesn't work anymore, online advertising is what you want. It's a powerful and profitable channel that will ensure your event is a success. Just imagine, everyone will be there and we will capture the moment in the form of stories, videos, posts and photos. Facebook Lives? Just say the word and you can have them.

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