TEDx Fribourg


June 02, 2021


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The 2021 edition, due to the current sanitary circumstances, was exceptionally fully held online on April 20. It invited audiences to meet people who have made anti-conformism and rebellion their trademark – and who still currently do so. The speakers, who we first imagined would be wearing iconic Dr. Martens boots on stage, were filmed live from Fri-Son, and the conferences – available both in French and German – were broadcast via Zoom, in order to ensure quality coverage for the live event. Snacks and drinks were even delivered to viewers’ homes! Our agency elaborated the event’s communication strategy and created its entire identity – including the template for the event’s main poster as well as its digital variants. To honour this event’s punk attitude, the poster was reminiscent of the movement’s iconic black leather jacket, with a crackling touch you would expect from a 1970’s microphone. A sponsored campaign was organized in order to promote ticket sales, and this resulted in over 150 online tickets sold. Mondays also ensured quality community management, as well as covering the live talks with stories published on Instagram. Due to the current sanitary situation, this year’s event and its organization were forced out of their comfort zones (even by punk standards), but it resulted in a win: the event was clearly a success, in terms of the quality of the presented programme as well as in terms of the attending virtual audience and its enthusiasm! Website Instagram Facebook LinkedIn

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