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Wednesday, March 10, 7:30 AM: the SCSD has officially kicked off at their headquarters in Forum Fribourg. The entire team is on site and is ready for the upcoming event: communications, control room, technical teams, etc. But Mondays’s work already started weeks before this, as we elaborated communication strategies, prepared visuals, helped with the organization, and in particular we promoted the event on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And on D-Day, for the next couple of days, we were tasked to publish the official programme and to introduce the guest speakers, while also conducting community management work on the three social networks. In digital we thrive! 8:45 AM: the countdown before launching the first conference has begun. We’ve spent the past months planning and writing content as well as coordinating the creation of visual effects with our team of graphic designers. 8:55 AM: it looks like we’ve stumbled upon our first technical problem. Nothing we couldn’t swiftly fix! At 9 AM, everything is in order and we’re all set! 9:45 AM: we successfully keep up the pace with the event, and the teams are all working in sync for its smooth development. The team from NoPaper, our partner agency that specializes in audiovisual effects, is also on site, and they will be directing the photo and video content. The goal is to give a visual account of an essentially online event, meaning without the attending experts’, speakers’ and exhibitors’ usual comings and goings. Given the particular circumstances, it is a real challenge to promote networking and sharing expertise among attendees. 2:00 PM: such an ambitious event, which has gathered over 50 Switzerland-based as well as international experts, is never safe from unforeseen hitches, especially given the complexity of the operations coordinating the multiple online platforms. Whether it be the need for a last-minute schedule update, to announce a replacing guest speaker, or to modify a visual effect, our team must answer to these modifications in a reactive manner. Shout out to the members of the creative team, who managed to bring needed last-minute modifications in record time! 5:30 PM: At the end of the first day, it’s finally time to relax… we’ve reached our cruising speed! The following day will take place without a hitch. After 2 days of intense work, the outcome is very positive: our online publications had more than 900’000 online impressions, and more than 1’800 people used the SCSD’s new online platform, SCSD365! We look forward to the next edition of SCSD, on April 6-7 2022, for a new online collaboration.

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