June 10, 2021


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Their name hints at a world of creation happening below the surface of the oceans, an ecosystem of different but complementary domains of expertise, as well as an aim to strive towards durability. Each of their projects stem from this uniquely symbiotic world, a world which was built upon a solid amount of experience and talent. Since March 2021, Mondays has not only been sharing their Geneva-based offices with CORAL STUDIO, but our skills and talents have also been mutually beneficial, as we helped them conceive their content strategy on social media (on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). This strategy has, on the one hand, helped CORAL STUDIO to establish their expertise in their domains, and helped them create new leads and prospects on the other hand. We used a blend of static and animated visuals to convey their visual identity (which they created with the help of TWKS) and to decline their content into different categories of relevant publications according to the type of social media platform. Here at Mondays, we take particular care to exchange and talk with our clients; hence, we are always discussing with our office neighbors to ensure that their underwater and digital world honors the quality of their work and reflects their constant evolution. In short, we are very happy to have them among our partners! Ready to dive in with CORAL STUDIO? Check out their website and don’t forget to surf around on their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). Take a look at our services !

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