July 19, 2021


#communitymanagement #contentcreation

Rummaging about, finding, selling, buying, and donating on social media… while keeping it fun! Our agency currently creates and publishes weekly online posts that are fun and that promote interaction between users. To do so, we create visual effects and animations, and we treat them with a first-class choice of words to flatter the items for sale. These may be ordinary and everyday objects, but they can also be more unique. Looking for a butter churn? A unicycle? Vintage Pokémon cards? There’s a great chance you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on Encouraging results To our great satisfaction, the anibis Facebook community has almost reached the 90’000-follower mark, and it is buzzing with activity; comments and interactions between users are very often amusing, passionate and sometimes even educational. Mondays is glad to work with and to help their Facebook followers find their heart’s desires. Rummage through our services here, and sift through these little gems here. Instagram Facebook LinkedIn

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