Year 23 April 2021

Banksy’s “fake Instagram” account has lately been the centre of a lot of discussion, as he revealed his intention to conduct a tour of festivals as a DJ. Barack Obama announced in an official video that he discovered viral dance challenges from his own Finsta account. As for New Zealand singer Lorde, she anonymously indexes the best onion rings she’s tasted in a dedicated Instagram account. It turns out that celebrities’ Finsta accounts are rarely identified as belonging to them, and that’s the whole point. Although the term “Finsta” is a contraction of the words “fake Instagram”, it is actually a private account destined exclusively to the account owner’s closer circles and entourage. The trend, which has been observed since 2015 in the USA, involves posting authentic and spontaneous content. This means no filters, no strategies to boost the algorithm, and no obsession to scoop up Likes. It’s about showing the person’s real self and face – even if they have a few spots on their nose – to a restricted audience, such as family and close friends, and without judgement. The Finsta account is opposed to the “Rinsta” account, which is a contraction of “real Instagram”, and which is thus a person’s main account, where appearances are of the utmost importance. For some people, having a Finsta account is their way of separating their official and/or professional image from their private life. This side account enables them to express their genuine selves without compromising their online reputation on their Rinsta accounts. The usually makeup-less and sometimes unflattering snapshots that are typically published on Finstas are directly opposed to the unattainable and unrealistic standards that are usually shared and promoted on the social network. In the US, an ever-growing number of teenagers are following the Finsta trend, as it gives them a way to reduce the pressure of being judged online by others, while still publishing content. The trend is undeniably oriented towards authenticity. However, even if Finstas are growing in numbers on many social media platforms, users’ “real” and official accounts with polished content still have a future ahead of them. Is having a Finsta for one’s loved ones and a Rinsta for business a winning combo? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we are more than happy to put our social media expertise and know-how to use to help you reach your digital goals, whether they are “real” or “fake”.

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