Year 24 of March 2021

Art Comptant pour rien Laure is an art historian with a degree from the Université de la Sorbonne (Paris). Forget the chattering petit bourgeois stereotypes: armed with her tattoos and a sharp sense of humor, Laure sheds light on, explains and analyzes works of contemporary art as she discusses a number of topics. You certainly won’t be thinking “Pff, I can do that too!”. Virago This channel was created in 2017 by comedian Aude Gogny-Goubert. Virago traces the stories of the famous women who have gone down in History. Real people are discussed, as well as female mythological figures. Of the things we love, the high production value and the excellent writing and dialogues are at the top of the list! MoMA The non-English speakers will have to put in some effort, but the New York MoMA YouTube channel has the option to turn on subtitles! The most world-renowned experts in the history of art explain and shed light on some of the greatest masterpieces of all time. You can also explore what goes on behind the scenes of the Museum and get a closer look at the work of professional art conservators and restorers. It’s absolutely fascinating! C’est une autre histoire Put cartoons and a PhD in contemporary history in a blender (well, not literally), and the result will be the YouTube channel “C’est une autre histoire”. In her short videos, Manon tells us about History, while making it funny and entertaining. In other words, fun history pills. We particularly loved the episode on beer, as we impatiently wait for bars to re-open. Les Revues du Monde Sat in her super-cozy armchair, Charlie tells us about the most curious anecdotes and mysteries of the history of Humankind. We particularly fell in love with the video on Viking shield-maidens, during which we discover that the creators of the Assassin’s Creed video game series hire actual historians to design their games. For those of you with a degree in Arts and/or History, take note of this for your future potential careers.

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