Year June 29, 2021

The Net (USA, 1995) – Irwin Winkler

Pixelized. Pitch : Angela Bennett, a young computer programmer, finds herself being targeted by a group of hackers, as she tries to unveil a conspiracy looming over her and her loved ones. Trailer here. Let’s be clear and admit that there’s nothing particularly novel in this American thriller. However, it’s interesting that the «old» Web 1.0 in which Bennett struggles already feels like a modern-day omniscient presence and threat. Her adventure, in which her identity is stolen, brings us to a forgotten era, where IT relics from the past such as floppy discs, heavy cube-like computer screens and good old-fashioned chatrooms, were a part of our ancestors’ digital reality. There are no viruses in Mondays’s systems ! We only harness our pixels to create awesome and fun content. And we’ll definitely never steal your identity.

99F (France, 2007) – Jan Kounen

Essential viewing. Pitch : The film tells of Octave Parango, a selfish and cynical advertisement designer working for a large agency in Paris, and of his downfall following personal and work-related crises. Trailer here. Megalomania, malicious intent, sexual depravity, and a decent amount of opiates and other drugs : is this what it means to be a marketing agency employee ? Worn out by his lifestyle, Octave decides to stop selling empty dreams to a marketing-ridden, capitalist society. In contrast to Octave’s employer, Mondays is a much smaller and human-sized agency. We must admit, though, that we are pretty much hooked on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and we also look forward to nightclubbing again – and maybe bumping into Octave himself !

The Social Network (USA, 2010) – David Fincher

Social. Pitch : Throwback to 2003 to the creation of Facebook and the legal issues surrounding it. Trailer here. The film retraces the birth of one of our digital world’s most powerful empires to this day, and it delves deeper behind the scenes of the highly coveted social media platform and how it became a symbol for the new web (2.0). Mondays has already added Facebook to its friends list, as well as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and many others. And we closely follow them so that we can develop inventive digital content strategies. It’s time to be social.

The Imitation Game (USA, 2014) - Morten Tyldum

Historical. Pitch : In 1939, Alan Turing, a mathematical genius, is recruited by the British government in its efforts to crack Enigma, the notorious Nazi encryption device reputed to be indecipherable. Trailer here. The film hints in a number of ways towards the beginnings of modern information technologies. Indeed, Turing, through his combination of coding, engineering and mathematics, is depicted as a forerunner of this future scientific discipline. We’re also shown the sheer complexity involved in the algorithms, as well as the staggering amount of power required to crack them. It’s a humbling reminder of just how formidable our everyday modern digital tools are, and how they influence – even dictate – our online interactions. And just like Turing, Mondays also enjoys statistics and mastering all sorts of numbers and data, as they are essential for measuring our online performance.

Selfie (Italie, 2019) - Agostino Ferrente

Touching. Pitch : Two teenagers from Naples share their day-to-day lives in the blistering heat of the city, where they lead a life of boredom, uncertainty and friendship, and where the only sign of anything shady emanates from the local mafia. Trailer here. The film revolves around a universally recognized device: the selfie. To escape their dull daily lives, our young heroes decide to take charge of things and settle at the forefront of their story. The framing results in the viewer seeing the protagonists as they see themselves: stuck in a rut, but enjoying a simple and spontaneous day-to-day experience. Selfie or no selfie, our creative team is as skilled and at ease shooting photos as they are filming videos and creating online Stories. We’re even confident enough to say we’d be ready to take part in the Venice Film Festival.

Sweat (Poland, 2021) – Magnus von Horn

Thoughtful. Pitch : Sylwia is a fitness influencer on Instagram, and she shares her loneliness despite her 600’000 followers. She needs to manage her online image as well as cope with the alarming presence of a nearby stalker. Trailer here. This drama, which contains a particularly gruelling sequence (You’ve been warned!), questions the fairly recent phenomenon of virtual company and a similarly new form of online celebrity worshipping. This contrast between private and public life begs the question : can feelings of isolation really be shared with others ? Mondays’s sports team will also gladly break a sweat to manage your social media pages, your followers and community, as well as your own stalkers – with a tad more diplomacy !


That’s all for today, you can now go back to scrolling on Instagram! And if you want our prolonged, director’s cut, it’s happening here.

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