Year 20th November 2020

1. Charlotte Lovely This was Lucie’s favorite and quickly became an account we all love: Charlotte Lovely is a stylist and set designer from London. She gives a face to fruits, vegetables and objects to create smiling and fun little characters. Freshness and vitamins guaranteed! 2. Tyler Spangler Graphic designer Tyler Spangler makes colorful and eighties pop inspired visuals. We love his positive universe, full of good vibes and motivational punchlines! 3. Ettore Sottsass Inspiring architecture paired with beautiful and unusual chair designs: this is the content Rachel Cayre shares on her account. That may make your apartment sport an exotic and conceptual vibe, but it nevertheless feels good to dream on. 4. Rob Woodcox Rob Woodcox's photos are an ode to nature, to mankind and their diversity. His pictures are poetic and mystical, almost reassuring. Scrolling on his page feels like a breeze of sweet, fresh air. 5. Doan Ly Doan Ly's floral set-ups resemble renaissance paintings or oil still-lifes. If you regret not having enough of a green thumb to plant your cozy nest, we highly recommend you take a look at this account.

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