Year 18th of March 2021

Still unknown at the end of 2020, Clubhouse really took off in early 2021, and it now seems to be on every social media trend-setter’s lips. But what exactly is Clubhouse? It’s a fully vocally-oriented social media platform, which has online discussion and chat rooms, simply called “rooms”, and in which users have live debates with one another on a number of topics, such as entrepreneurship, personal development or other current topics and issues. Users can either actively engage in debate or simply listen to ongoing discussions between other users. Live interviews with celebrities and/or other influential personalities, conferences and concerts are also among the events that Clubhouse hosts. Around 10 million people worldwide are now users of Clubhouse. With its elitist appearances, the digital platform is for now reserved for a select few, as it is only possible to join it through a patronage system (each user needs to receive two invitations from other users), and it is furthermore only available on iOS for the time being. It is nevertheless possible to download it before receiving their invitations and to reserve a username beforehand. So how does it work? The app is simple and pretty straightforward. As with other social media, Clubhouse users will first need to create a personal profile. They can then follow other users and accounts depending on their personal interests and their contacts (the app demands a phone number as well as access to the user’s phone contacts). At this point, a number of discussions are suggested according to our personal preferences. Rooms open at given times and can be compared to round-table talks. They can host up to 5000 people at once, and users can speak with the help of the “raise hand” functionality, if the room organizer authorizes so. Some rooms are public, whereas others are exclusively reserved to profiles selected beforehand. Furthermore, you very well may bump into a few famous personalities among the participants. Here at Mondays, Vincent is the main Clubhouse enthusiast, as he animates and hosts the “Club Sandwich” room with his two other speaker buddies every Thursday during lunch time, with debates centering mainly around entrepreneurship-oriented subjects. They’d furthermore be more than happy to count you among their room guests! In this current period of COVID-induced semi-confinement during which social contacts are pretty limited, Clubhouse has appeared and has begun to gain traction in the nick of time for two reasons: on the one hand, it suits our current and modified social behaviors due to the constraints caused by the pandemic (remote/online conferences, discussions or concerts), and on the other hand, it has made meeting new people through oral discussion possible again.

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