Year 22 January 2021

Joëlle supports the team of strategists and project managers in many different tasks. A large part of her schedule involves conducting community management work. During the first part of the day, she will be looking for new ideas for our clients’ online posts with the help of each project manager. The best way to do this is a morning brainstorming session ! Due to the current obligation to work remotely, daily team meetings are conducted on Microsoft Teams. Even though the daily post-its, the light-hearted joking between colleagues and the simple act of drinking coffee in one another’s company are sorely missed at the moment, the team is tightly knit, and our digital offices mean that our work efficiency is top-level. This doesn’t prevent us from enjoying an online visio-break together, though ! Next, it is crucial for Joëlle to coordinate with the team of Interactive Media Designers in order to materialize the brainstormed ideas with the help of their effectively-crafted visuals. At the same time, she reflects on what text to use to complement the visuals : a witty pun, a solid punch-line, a translation (like this blogpost!), and so on. The main challenge is to offer an engaging message without being ordinary or boring. Luciana’s role is to support the creative team in creating the visuals. After she has planned her day and established the daily to-do list for her ongoing projects, she then busies herself with creating animations, visual content or photomontages for our clients’ social media pages. Instagram and TikTok are by far her favourite platforms! Once the created content is checked and approved, it’s time to program the editorial schedule and advertisement campaigns. This is an ideal job to do right before lunch break, when low blood sugar levels mean less energy to think, and when everyone is pondering whether red pesto spaghetti or pumpkin soup is the tastier option! Once everyone has fuelled up during lunch break, Joëlle must now establish the best strategy for a new contract with a client. The goals, the best courses of action, and the communication canals are defined. This is one of the more stimulating and rewarding parts of the job: creativity flourishes, ingenious solutions are thought up, online trends are analysed and our methods are improved upon! Luciana also devotes her early afternoon to creative endeavours, and always starts by looking for inspiration. Pinterest is one of her personal favourite places for this, as there are so many potential ideas! The team even has a common whiteboard, where everyone’s favourite suggestions can be found in one place. This means a lot of fun brainstorming for our creative intern, as she tries, tests, and submits suggestions to her supervisor Elisabeth for feedback; once the latter has approved, the former takes things further down the production line. Throughout the day, she sees things through as much as possible, so that the next day’s work can begin on a fresh basis! That being said, solid strategies and quality content have no use if their effectiveness cannot be verified. Joëlle now finds that in the end, statistics aren’t nearly as boring as one may think! They may indeed be repetitive, but our specialized tools can synthesize them into highly insightful and colourful graphs. This therefore makes things easy to analyse and prevents us from getting stuck in endless calculations. It now looks like it’s already 6pm! It looks like the day’s work is over for our team members, who are looking forward to enjoying afterwork drinks online together!

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