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We are Mondays, the Swiss digital agency that manages your social media networks in four languages. And not just on Mondays.
We are experts in community management, and we enjoy meeting friendly folk who are working on great projects. The aim of the game? To help build your success.

Digital strategy

We have a plan

For a plan to come together, you have to get the small things right. That takes forethought, just like communication.


Content creation


Inspiring visuals, punchy content and striking video campaigns are what we do, and we love it.


Community management

Let's talk

Do you like people? So do we. Networking is in our DNA.


Targeted advertising

Even more potential

Knowing your target audience will get you results beyond your expectations.


Event & live

Before, during and after

The Mondays team loves being in the thick of the action, which is why we help make your event the place to be.


The Musical RIPOSTE!

A funky collaboration

Due to the absence of a Fête de la Musique in Lausanne this year, Mondays was instead tasked with covering the memorable evenings organized by RIPOSTE!.

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Happy/grumpy: a short history of emoticons


Here at Mondays, not only have we been using smileys and emoticons for ages, but we do so now more than ever – especially in its new customized Mondays attire, which we have been using since renewing our visual identity 2 years ago. 🙂 🙁 Today’s blogpost is a throwback to the origins of the famous yellow icons (which we decided to color in blue, for obvious reasons).

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Mondays and are now advertising together

Bargain hunting!

Mondays is now in charge of creating content for the French-speaking Swiss leader in online advertisements and of managing their Facebook page. Bargain hunters, it’s time to peel those eyes!

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Mondays at the movies

And… action!

TV, VHS, DVD, VOD, SN, (COVID)… For over a century, the film industry has resisted the influence of disruptive acronyms such as these; Hollywood and other film Meccas have occupied a viewer’s seat of their own and have witnessed trends and influences come and go over the course of the years. Mondays also follows these trends with great interest: we regularly keep ourselves up to date on news and changes, so that our story lines always feel fresh and trendy, and our stories keep on captivating our audiences. But we also enjoy being in the spectator’s seat, and rather than telling stories, we also love being told a good story from time to time. Thus, now is a perfect opportunity for us to share a digitally-themed selection of films, so drop that smartphone and grab a bucket of popcorn! :)

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