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We are Mondays, the Swiss digital agency that manages your social media networks in four languages. And not just on Mondays.
We are experts in community management, and we enjoy meeting friendly folk who are working on great projects. The aim of the game? To help build your success.

Digital strategy

We have a plan

For a plan to come together, you have to get the small things right. That takes forethought, just like communication.


Content creation


Inspiring visuals, punchy content and striking video campaigns are what we do, and we love it.


Community management

Let's talk

Do you like people? So do we. Networking is in our DNA.


Targeted advertising

Even more potential

Knowing your target audience will get you results beyond your expectations.


Event & live

Before, during and after

The Mondays team loves being in the thick of the action, which is why we help make your event the place to be.


LinkedIn : un nouveau challenge pour la BCF

La BCF arrive sur Linkedin

Mondays collabore avec la Banque Cantonale de Fribourg depuis 2017. Nous créons chaque semaine du contenu innovant afin d’élargir le public en ligne et gérons le community management en 2 langues.

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Une journée type dans la vie de nos stagiaires

Team stagiaires !

Tout commence avec une tasse de café. Un incontournable de la vie des stagiaires ! Leurs rôles ? Stagiaires en communication digitale et Interactive media designer. Deux fonctions et deux journées bien différentes ! Avez-vous bu votre café ? Alors on attaque !

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Les clichés de la terrasse estivale avec La Nébuleuse

Bière qui coule n’amasse pas mousse…

Tous les prétextes (ou presque) sont-ils bons pour faire l’apéro ? Lorsqu’il s’agit de réaliser un shooting photo pour La Nébuleuse, Mondays n’hésite pas à mettre la main à la -pinte- à la pâte.

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Here is our selection of inspirational and creative Instagram accounts that are worth a follow!


Instagram is our tool of choice and a limitless playground for us at Mondays. It is also a place where talented artists and creators worldwide share their unique and outstanding content. Here is a list of some of our favourite Instagram accounts, so make sure to check them out!

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